The infamous random cleaning spree

Blame it on the depression, blame it on the ADHD, whatever the reason may be, it usually takes me forever to get the urge to clean. When I finally do get that sudden burst of energy it’s intense! It’s like once I’m in the zone there’s no stopping me until I’m done. Or until I can’t breathe anymore from running around so much. Lol.

The truth is, I probably get that urge like once every three months. Most days, I will try and try to find the motivation to get up and clean. It’s just hard because I usually get overwhelmed and realize there’s so much to do and that makes it even more difficult to start.

Recently a friend told me, “girl, start in one corner and go from there.”
& my sister told me, “just do what you can.”
Not going to lie, these things changed my world, kinda. I always struggled with cleaning, especially with doing laundry. It always seems like so much because I just let it pile up. I would overwhelm myself and skip doing it because I didn’t want to have to sort. I had the notion that you always have to sort your clothes otherwise they’ll get destroyed. Well, when l finally realized not everyone does that anymore, my world changed. Lol.

Little by little I’m learning tips and tricks to help me be able to do even minor tasks that sometimes seem so difficult. When you struggle with mental illness, little tasks like showering, brushing your hair, and cleaning can seem like the biggest hardest tasks ever. Because of this, we stop taking care of ourselves. We would rather just not do it than continue feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin. It doesn’t have to be that way though. We just need to find what works for us.

So yesterday I cleaned like a maniac. I cleaned my room and the bathroom all up. I lit some candles and did some self care. It was pretty great. But today I’ve had the worst headache ever. I had so many things I wanted to do, but this headache is becoming unbearable. Lol. I guess that’s balance huh?

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