I Believed You

I believed you when you said that you loved me

I believed you when you said there was nobody else

I believed you when you said they were lying

I believed you when you said that you cared

I believed you, even over my best friends

I believed you, over everyone else

I believed you and every story you ever made up

I believed you, I trusted you so much

I believed you, because I loved you

I believed you, I guess I was blind

Rose-colored glasses seemed to cover my eyes

I believed you when you promised me everything would be all right

I believed in you, I believed in us

I believed in you so much that I didn’t believe in myself

I believed in you more than I should’ve

I believed in you, even though you didn’t deserve that

I should’ve never believed you

You only filled my head with lies

I’ve learned my lesson since then

I learned not to ignore the signs

I believed you, I believed you so much every time

Even though in my head, I knew you were just lying

It’s true, I believed you back then

But now, I can never believe you, ever again

So now I believe in me

Now I believe in myself

You made me feel crazy

You made me go insane

I allowed you to have power over me

That was my biggest mistake

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