Black Hole

A black hole. That’s what I used to call my depression. Every time I felt it creeping back up I would say that I was falling back into my black hole. “A black hole is a region of space time where... Continue Reading →

.Never Enough.

Why do I always feel like a second choice? Why don’t I ever feel like anyone thinks I’m worth it? Could it be that I’m actually not? Not worth it I mean? Not worth a damn to a man. If I’m... Continue Reading →

Don’t Kiss Me

Don’t kiss me just to kiss me Please don’t do it just to do it If you know it will mean nothing Then please no touching I can’t take the mind games I can’t take the twists & turns It’s all... Continue Reading →


Rejection… How can I not fear it when it’s proven itself to be inevitable? It’s time to face the truth. I’ll never be the one they adore. I’ll never be the girl that can make his face light up as soon... Continue Reading →

I Believed You

I believed you when you said that you loved me I believed you when you said there was nobody else I believed you when you said they were lying I believed you when you said that you cared I believed you,... Continue Reading →

Silent Cries

*TW= ATTEMPT God help me. God help me. God help me. I truly meant it, I was pleading. I was praying. I was begging. Nobody could hear me though. I needed some sort of light in my life. Things were getting... Continue Reading →

TMS Saved Me

Recently, I’ve talked a lot about how bad my last relationship was. I’ve mentioned a lot of the horrible things I had to sit through because I chose to stay. I chose to beg and ask this person to stay with... Continue Reading →

Stepping Stone

“Somebody left me feeling empty, Somebody ripped me at the seams” Somebody stole my heart, then crushed it with my dreams… & that somebody was you. I used to write about everything I was grateful for, I used to write about... Continue Reading →

Spotless Mind

Do you remember this? Do you remember having this very photograph on your phone’s wallpaper for a very brief moment? I do. I remember a lot. I remember it all. You used to call me beautiful. You used to call me... Continue Reading →

Lesson Learned

Straight from my private blog. I knew it from the very beginning. We both knew. So why did we stay in it? It makes absolutely no sense. I constantly blamed myself and my fucked up brain. I always blamed my depression... Continue Reading →

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