Don’t Kiss Me

Don’t kiss me just to kiss me Please don’t do it just to do it If you know it will mean nothing Then please no touching I can’t take the mind games I can’t take the twists & turns It’s all the signals That end with bad words They get in my head They break... Continue Reading →


Rejection… How can I not fear it when it’s proven itself to be inevitable? It’s time to face the truth. I’ll never be the one they adore. I’ll never be the girl that can make his face light up as soon as she walks through the door. I’ll never be someone’s first choice. I’ll never... Continue Reading →


You need them all. To cover up your misery. It’s like your elixir. It makes you feel alive, because in all reality, you’re already dead inside.

Wait a minute…

I realized, a week has gone by & I’ve yet to post. I don’t want that to happen. I want to stay consistent. So I scrambled & searched & found these thoughts of mine in my notes from 8.5.2021. So here ya go… I told you, everything is random, nothing goes… just go with it.... Continue Reading →

November 2020

All it takes for me to get attached to someone is for them to share a deeper connection with me, then I instantly get hooked. A few deep, mind stimulating conversations, and I'll find myself obsessing over this person for days on end. Fantasizing about a life together, a future. I actually thought for a... Continue Reading →

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