Minor Setbacks Won’t Destroy Me

I stumbled for a moment. Sure, it really sucked. But you know what? Despite the setbacks, I am proving to myself EVERY DAY that I’m slowly maintaining control of myself, my emotions, my actions, and my life. Sure, I still feel intensely & when things happen - my BPD flares up. However, no longer am... Continue Reading →

.Never Enough.

Why do I always feel like a second choice? Why don’t I ever feel like anyone thinks I’m worth it? Could it be that I’m actually not? Not worth it I mean? Not worth a damn to a man. If I’m not worth a damn then why do I crave being held by a man?... Continue Reading →

The Dreamy Guy That Got Away

Since I called myself out on the violent part, why not keep it going. So I say this a lot, but I really did only have eyes for him for the longest. He had the most handsome face I had ever seen, or so I thought. I thought this throughout our whole relationship. It’s even... Continue Reading →

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