.Never Enough.

Why do I always feel like a second choice? Why don’t I ever feel like anyone thinks I’m worth it? Could it be that I’m actually not? Not worth it I mean? Not worth a damn to a man. If I’m not worth a damn then why do I crave being held by a man?... Continue Reading →

Don’t Kiss Me

Don’t kiss me just to kiss me Please don’t do it just to do it If you know it will mean nothing Then please no touching I can’t take the mind games I can’t take the twists & turns It’s all the signals That end with bad words They get in my head They break... Continue Reading →

I Believed You

I believed you when you said that you loved me I believed you when you said there was nobody else I believed you when you said they were lying I believed you when you said that you cared I believed you, even over my best friends I believed you, over everyone else I believed you... Continue Reading →

3/7/22 – Nightmares of You

“All because of you, I haven’t slept in so long”… These lyrics I used to find comfort in, because they reminded me of you. I used to find comfort in the thought of lying next to you. Now I can’t sleep because my nights are consumed by nightmares of you. Nightmares. Nightmares. Nightmares are what... Continue Reading →

Silent Cries

*TW= ATTEMPT God help me. God help me. God help me. I truly meant it, I was pleading. I was praying. I was begging. Nobody could hear me though. I needed some sort of light in my life. Things were getting so dark. I knew I needed help. I was trying to get help. I... Continue Reading →

Stepping Stone

“Somebody left me feeling empty, Somebody ripped me at the seams” Somebody stole my heart, then crushed it with my dreams… & that somebody was you. I used to write about everything I was grateful for, I used to write about being grateful for you & all the things you would do… I thought things... Continue Reading →

Bruises & Black Eyes?

I bet when you read bruises and black eyes, you thought it was me with them. It wasn’t though. I’m not going to sit here and act like I was innocent or always the victim either. Well, maybe I was a victim, and that caused me to act out. Either way, I can’t not take... Continue Reading →

Lesson Learned

Straight from my private blog. I knew it from the very beginning. We both knew. So why did we stay in it? It makes absolutely no sense. I constantly blamed myself and my fucked up brain. I always blamed my depression for everything. I didn’t realize, you were pushing me into the depression. Every time... Continue Reading →

Like a Dream

I wrote about you. I wrote about you again last night. I hadn’t been inspired in awhile. Then I watched that video & I cried so much. I cried so much so I wrote. It was like I was writing to you, but honestly, I don’t even care if you read it. You were there.... Continue Reading →

I was there… I remember it…

All too well… Damn you Taylor Swift. Damn you & your brilliant mind and beautiful heart. I, like many others, cried to your freaking video. Why? Because, “I remembered it all too well.” But did you? I know I said I was over it, over you. I couldn’t help but feel like I was watching... Continue Reading →

Warrior Status

Scars. I talk about them a lot. I try to embrace them. I try not to dwell on them too much. Truth is, if I allow myself, I’ll get lost. Just looking at a scar, just thinking about how it got there, can just lead me down the rabbit hole. It’s like, I’m instantly back... Continue Reading →


You need them all. To cover up your misery. It’s like your elixir. It makes you feel alive, because in all reality, you’re already dead inside.

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